At San Diego Reformed Church we hold membership in high regard. All members are disciples of Jesus, unified by their identity in Christ. Being a member of SDRC is about making our commitment to Christ and his people visible through covenanting to the local church. This unity is expressed in the way we collaborate in loving God, loving fellow believers, and loving our neighbors in the culture around us.

The process to become a Member of San Diego Reformed Church includes six simple steps:
  • Membership Interest Class

    All individuals who desire to become members are required to attend our Membership Interest Class
    Please note, Childcare will not be provided. We encourage you to seek other accommodations for your children.

  • Interview with an Elder

    After completing the class these individuals are required to participate in a Membership Interview with one of our Elders.

  • Presented as Member Candidate

    Once an individual has attended the Membership Interest Class and completed their Membership Interview with an Elder, they will be invited to attend our next monthly Members’ Meeting to be presented as a “Member Candidate” to the current Membership of our church. This provides our current Members with the opportunity to observe these Member Candidates’ life and doctrine.

  • Received as Full Member

    Once an individual has been presented as a Member Candidate in one of our monthly Members’ Meetings they will be ready to be received as a “Full Member” after the one month by the "silent consent" of the current Membership assuming no concerns were brought forward during the Membership Candidacy.

  • Get Baptized

    Once an individual has been welcomed into Full Membership, they will be expected to be baptized if they have not been already.

  • Sign the Membership Covenant

    Lastly, upon the completion of all the previous steps, these individuals will be required to sign our “Membership Covenant,” which can be found below.

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